i dont know where can i burst out!
i knew i didnt perform to my standards during last semester's final papers.
but, well the remaining results were still up to my expectations.(which i can be happy about)

well, i'm just a little bit disappointed with the previous short semester.
i thought i studied thorough enough. but i wasnt.
many times i've heard that the lecturer wasnt a joke. i did take note.
but when i sat for that paper. i knew instantly  the word 'joke' meant.
that paper was hell.

well, i'll have to see him again next year for another subject.
i seriously want to turn back time and drop the subject.. i've learn my lessons..
short semester is no joke... analyse your lecturers when choosing.
i would rather choose a long semester to meet with the devil than short.
i just dont want to die.

anyway.. theres nothing more i can do to help with this. other than revising it again.
just pray that next year would be a better year.

edit: must go 'thank you' the lecturer who non-stop giving me heart attack. from bar-ing me from examination for no reason and sucking my soul out for my finals.

i'll meet you again next year.


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