my cup of coffee was half empty only.

fot fot fot.. fit fit fit.... fat fat fat fat.... OMG. full stop

anyway. this semester was so rushed that i have no time to catch up with my friends who are 1 currently in IMU, another in MMU (or you are still at home?) and 1 is SABAH UMS.. super far...

besides that........ andrea and michelle, when u guys want to have the strawberry/lime session??
i am here waiting patiently.. (though not till the 25th of this month.)

this week was super hectic, i have 5 days to tuition in a week.. OMG!!!!~ and another 1 more session on monday.
little kids are having their finals.. and 1 is getting panic attack for spm... owh the stress.

not forgetting the BizPlan... gotta start as well..
must finish at least the marketing and those objectives..... hope it turns out right. cause we are in short of time again.T.T blame short semester.

and i was thinking to visit singapore this holiday.. forget it now. NO time already...
i still have time to blog now.. HAHAHAHA. forgive me k? cause i am wayyyy too lazy to start anything now. tomorrow la.... will start studying for finals and finish my assignment for e-marketing... finish up the objectives and blahblah for bizplan 1st..... i am super bz i tell you!!!~


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