i dont get bitch fights. hehehehe..
they are too complicated.
i dont get the point of posting bitch talk/crap online neither twitter nor blogger nor facebook.. either one you prefer.
i get the point of blogging your journals... twitting your status and fb-ing your comments.
but i seriously not getting bitch scolding/crapping/comparing who is more of a bitch. cause both parties smell like bitch to me.

why want to bitch about somebody bitching about you??
do you think that its going to backfire her/ she's gonna pay for what she did to me?
trust me, nothing of this is worth. i've tried it. not fun. and in bitch fights.. no such thing as (-) (-) = (+) cause its always (-) + (-) = (-)....

sometimes i understand why bitch fights starts.. cause there's many people around the world who have similar personality as me, panas... super panas...

today i experience tolerating people.. super hard. i nearly burst out and scream.. people as 'panas' as me, need to work with people that have almost similar mentality as me. cause i expect people to understand what i meant once i said it, worst is twice.. if third time.. i'll turn into angry-version of elmo already..

i know.. not good... i'm trying to control it...

but that! also not to the extend that it will reach to bitch verbal fight...is it the difference in mentality? or difference in tolerance level???? i dont know.

its okay to bitch fight, but i dun find it any amazing for those who thinks that they 'won' the bitch fight. and those who 'lost' always find excuses and making as if they are 'not in the wrong but give in'. super frustrating. and annoying....

totaling up, having bitch crap is a NO-NO thing to do, if you dun like them, avoid or talk into their faces. blogging it out and twitting doesnt help. THIS is ONE of the thing you have to use the traditional method.

i am just picking on a fight right?????? sorry. no ill intention... just me busybody-ing. hehehe


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