i am finally on holiday.
well supposing my exam ended on the 25th, but i have a business plan proposal competition to finish which... ENDS TODAY!!~ i am soo happy that brother, ahau and I manage to finish it on time.. well its basically me, who needs to fill up the 40+ pages of the total 60+ pages in the proposal...

but, still, the sense of happiness and satisfaction of completion.. WOOOW! seriously DAEBAK!!!~

I'm glad that this short semester ended, due to the stress built up.. i think i flung-ed my MIP..
prays hard for my marks in the finals..T.T

anyway, i know u guys miss me ALOT! i seriously MISS you GUYS as well!!

i seriously need to upload a  photo of myself to show YOU GUYS!! but... i have yet to go out on any outing! terperuk at home only!

THUS, my friends.. bring me out!! i am allowing u guys to kidnap me and bring me somewhere to eat!!~


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