when mooncake full blooms on the days we met

last week saturday was the day where all my family members gathered together to celebrate my grandpa's birthday and also Mooncake festival.
went to Hei Loi Tang (i dunno in english though) on 18th September, Saturday =D

was having lots of fun..
1st of, the 2 pretty lady. 
we took this before we went crazy. LOL
to test the BEAUTY effect of my camera. LOL

then, the small girl =D

then the OLD and the Young

and the getting old, older and OLDEST

the already old and posing.

the young, getting old, older, oldest and the ALREADY old.

*pretty ladies and the handsome man?*
ps: i scared to type this, later i kena smack!  

the 1 who looking all cool and ignored our noise pollution

*handsome men*
ps: how come, grandpa is smiling, and not smiling in the previous picture?
a mystery..zZzz

he looked at somewhere! WHY!!!~

the chicken soup, delicious, but i ate the chicken already when i took the picture.

 my favourite dish for the day. sea cucumber, mushroom and abalone and VEGGIE!

time to take picture, he looked somewhere again. T.T

the cake!

the eunice and family.
ps: for the rest its with THIS aunty!

camewhore again. LOL
ps: eunice, ar! rebecca ar! stop acting cute la! OLD liau! HAHAHHAHAHA

see, i love them all!

nice right? i know! rebecca is like a mannequin 

and this lady love me so much to kiss me! =D
ps: the mirror is super dirty i tell you! they nvr wipe it!

sammie and shanice,
the 2 young people! =D

PRAISE my sister for having STABLE hands.*dead serious face here!*

Acting all goofy cause we were already HIGH!

the getting old, older and OLD already and 1 SUDAH PASS THE OLD is trying to camwhore with us!
ps: hahahaha, seriously funny!!!!!~

get what i mean?
ps: this picture is super epic! must keep this!

get what i mean by stable hands? her picture always comes out the HQ version!

the mum and her beloved daughters! we look alike right?
and the middle 1 is acting all mushy!

i love them most! =D 
*hearts and kisses!*


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