today was a good day

it was a normal holiday that i've spent so far.. but filled with lots of free time and leisure for me.
since, my semester break lasted for 10 days and filled with tuition only. for once, i have a 5 days holiday (not) with nothing but to myself.

its because my students who initially wanted to have her extra classes cancelled her class.

anyway, took picture today with my phone, when i was on my way to fetch my brother from LRT station.

anyway, i had fun eating as well, cause my relatives came over for holiday
and, its all filled with great food made by my aunt, (mum is the paling teruk cooker among my aunties)
and thats also the reason why my mum have lots of weird weird kitchen appliances which my aunts dont.hehehe

this is also taken by the phone. too lazy to grab the camera and plug the USB already
used bluetooth.. thats why! hehehehe

tomorrow is the day where my holiday ends and start with Uni new semester again. Short sem.
its only the 3rd week and i have assignments already.
going to Bursa Malaysia tomorrow for that friggin assignment.
yes! i am nervous. and felt like dying already. T.T

hope we can finish it up tomorrow itself. it would be too troublesome to go there again.

other than that!!
lets MEET UP AGAIN!!!~
i dont mind if its night after 8 k??? =D


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