this semester with.... okay i think its already the mid semester cause Mid Terms are already here (not to mention, final draft is already out)

my life?
was pretty hectic
i mean super

had to go 2 times to Bursa (not that i'c complaining cause my groupmates went there 3 times... felt super guilty cause i wasnt able to participate considering i'm the group leader. T.T [sorry wailing, weijia, lijuan, sandy, zhiyou]

after all the assignments mountain.. my brother created another problem for me cause he reformatted my bloody thumbdrive. (yes, the 1 that always keep my assignments whether DONE or NOT DONE!!!!!!)

MIP assignments are at least saved cause i did it in the laptop without saving it into the thumbdrive..

but my FM1.. not so lucky! i did it in the netbook and i know that i wont guna netbook at home, so i saved it in the thumbdrive.. OWH GOD! T.T i was on my verge of crying already. [dead serious face] (i was literally jumping up and down and shouting in the living room when my brother told me this ***king news.)

budden, i managed to calmed down and start to think of solutions to solve my dilemma. T.T

either way. thank you to ALL the people who endured my temper and problems and fussiness. cause i know, when i am stress/ not thinking straight.. i go a little hay wire...

i done my MIP.. waiting for my groupmates to send them to me for double checking before handing the draft to mr quah on tuesday..

as for FM1 assignment will try ask my friends for help....

now.. Midterm for FM1 is a little over 50%, E-marketing = no clue. havent start

ps: i changed my chatbox. cause cbox is giving lots of spams!


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