mum is coming back and BOOK FEST!

went to bookfest KLCC today with sister.
well, we went kinda early around 10 something, in order to prevent JAMMING around the convention centre.

theres lots of best deals going on.. all the books that i've been longing to buy cost RM16.90 to RM19.90 only. OMG right????

though the book by Jeffry Archer, Kane and Abel would have only cost RM12.90 tomorrow, but I'M not going tomorrow, so i bought with RM7 more expensive T.T

anyway, after we swept our stuffs, then we head to shop at KLCC =D
bought a formal shirt from padini, as Isetan was on SALE!!~

mum is going to reach home in about 3 hours time.
i guess, all of us at home are waiting for her to return.
my dad even suggest that we fetch our mum from LCCT airport. LOL. talk about him missing my mum for about 10 days? LOL.

been eating out most of them time... we did a full package already.
from all disciplinary rules that my mum set.. ALL WA BROKEN in the 10 days time

dad drinks at night
eat kacang.
bring us go bak kut teh
bought cendol and rojak
and letting us stay late up at night.

hehehehe.. talk about being free?????

we got super lazy from not cooking... eating out... to last thing... DELIVERY!


anyway, it have been a wonderful weekend spending with dad and missing my mum. kept thinking what is she doing..

till then, see you soon mum!~ I MISS YOU!!~




*E.Hanna33* said…
I like your Blog ^_^

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