stress? no, just frustrated

initially i was suppose to study Entrepreneurship today. but i thought its time to actually touch my One to One Marketing, since its on Friday and Thursday morning i have Entrepreneurship exam going on.
didnt want to leave it to the last minutes.

TRUST ME! One to One is now giving me A HELL LOTS OF HARD TIME.

1st i have to write 5 friggin 2 pages essay within 3 hours. and *yes, i think my arms are gonna break that day *

and the questions are all... I AM SO BLURRED OUT BY THOSE FRIGGIN TUTORIAL TIPS SHE MENTIONED TO US.. it requires us to BASICALLY READ THE WHOLE CHAPTER and squeeze out the juice from every subtopic.

i am GONNA DIE! serious shit!

then, the book that i borrowed from the library to help me in the finals contains A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF SCRIBBLES in CHINESE WORDS in BETWEEN EVERY LINES of the pages.. T.T

i cant tahan the chinese words because,

1st, i cant read chinese, and i felt super disturbing when its all over the pages and between all the lines
2nd, its obstructing my concentration as it ALSO contains those pronunciations in it, like Asterick = as-te-rik.. whichever.

its not that i am looking down on people who scribble words that they dont understand when they read it. but come on, its a library book and you dont expect people to say. THANK YOU FOR DOING SUCH WONDERFUL JOB ON WRITING ALL THE CHINESE WORDS DOWN...well, it might when another party who borrowed the book is also at the same literate as you..

but, NOT ALL right?????? its seriously annoying me, cause i had to read it and its so KACAU and i had to ERASE it for you, for my own sick to concentrate... and make it CLEAN again...

i used 2 whole friggin eraser to erase your bloddy SHIT! waste my time and energy!

-------------on another issue

i cant multitask in toilet


i was trying to poo poo and read my notes (FAILED) cause i cant do that, i have to either POO or READ..
i tried brushing my teeth and POO at the same time also.. (FAILED again) cause i have to either POO 1st or BRUSH MY TEETH 1st..

why people can read newspaper and poo at the same time ar? and i cant? damn my brain is seriously not functional enough.


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