a spontaneous outing to Mid Valley with my bunch!

went out with Andrea and Michelle yesterday to catch up with each other. =D

it was a nice day.
called them around 12 something and last minute changed the dates. cause i cant make it out on friday. *hehehe*
a spontaneous outing like this is exciting!*

anyway, we went to Mid Valley and had lunch and walked around and tried out clothes in MNG since everywhere is having sales. its good to try them on and flatter yourself right?

well, we went to manhattan fish market for lunch.. well it was not bad... michelle is a BLACK HOLE in her stomach! HAHAHAHAHA nvm, next time we bring her to Nandos! k? andrea?

heres the picture we took!!~
WE LOVE SOUR DRINKS! that that waitress recommended us this sour drink that is awesomely nice!!!
Citrus!  its peppermint+ lime and lemon with a little soda in it! awesome!



ps: thanks Michelle for her Birthday Present for me! THANKS!!!!!!~ like it!!~
yes! its awesomely late right?


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