sengakae!!!~! *think think*

hehehe! Business Information System is one HELLA of subject..
exam is coming up in a week's time
and yes, i am only starting BIS, after half finished Entre which is not in my expectation *decide to finish it up before i start my BIS actually*

shit shit shit!!T.T
i felt like dying studying all weird weird stuff regarding the computers and the networks.

anyway, WENT TO MTV WORLD STAGE!!!!!! yes!i went! superbly happily went!

reached Sunway Pyramid about 5pm. rushed out to the surf beach, and was told to enter through another direction which made me run from NORTH TO SOUTH!

lined up and entered around 5.45p.m.

waited till 6.30p.m. before they start the show.

waited longer for BunkFace..

waited 30 minutes for WONDER GIRLS!

waited 45 minutes for TOKIO HOTEL *due to rain, and they were afraid to get electrocuted* my legs were NUMB already!!!

waited 1 hour later for Katy Perry to make an appearance.

i would have to say, my 8 hours of standing under the rain and sweat and heat... is one hella disaster!!!

though i would greatly appreciate that i've gotten the tickets and the shows were great, as most of the singers sang approximately 5 to 8 songs...

was called by dad about 6 times.... cause its were already 1a.m. when Katy came out to stage..

got out from there after the show ended with encore by Wonder Girls... it was already 2.a.m.

parked ourselves at mcD for a drive through for our SUPPER DINNER.. tried the GCB.. not bad.

reach home around 2.45a.m. and bath and went to bed.. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA dad was chopping our legs already.


anyway, PEEPS!!!
i got my SS501 DESTINATION SPECIAL EDITION CD imported from KOREA at last!!!!~
the poster were amazing... n, that album cover! SUPERB

this is 1 album, that i am willing to pour my money into it, cause its the last CD that SS501 going to released..

although i am still waiting for their promise, but it will be in a while. so this is really a MUST PURCHASE!!!~


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