meeting up with LEE HOM and TeAM

i had a buzy but exciting.. ended with a little bit of disappointed.
oh well
let me just start with my long hours journey to... ALL OVER PLACES IN KUALA LUMPUR!

After my Finals on Friday, went on discussion with Ms Shah and Ms Eva for a competition called...
Technopreneurship organised by TeAM

then, after long hours of dicussion, went home and PRAY FOR THE BEST!duh.

Saturday morning,
went over to The Garden South Tower 7th Floor and met up with Shou Voon and Wai Wai.
We listened to the talk and briefing by TeAM members, later then we were accompanied by Ms Eva (thanks for coming) and had short lunch..

*btw, i forgotten this, the competitors of 5 other groups ended up with only 1 COMPETITOR which is from Monash..*
**so, we only have 2 groups la!**

we were assigned a Mentor each group and there we work out our plans.
shortly after lunch time, i am getting ready to 'chau' cause i have other place to be at.

around 2.15p.m. rushed over back to my car park area and met up with my sister and OFF we rush to 1Utama to meet.. the star.. WANG LEE HOM.

took tremendous amount of pictures of him.. bluek! (i know u jealous)

watched Love in Disguise... and took pictures with Sony Ericson and.. totally gobbled up their refreshments and small tea dessert..*cause, TeAM is not feeding good food!*

then after the movie, we rushed all the way to the carpark again and drive to a place near Times Square.
for dad's association's dinner.

*in between i was sms-ing my fellow team mates regarding our plan... T.T gonna cry already*

ate quite good food.. and then rushed home to online and discuss that project at TeAM with teammates and sleep for only 3 hours and woke up again to do research.

*TRUST ME, a BUSINESS PLAN in 2 DAYS is doable, but it will be a 48 hours of NO SLEEP!!!*
my teammates wai wai(left) shou voon(right)

Ms SHAH!!!~ misyah!!

waiwai: your camwhoring skills very bad
shouvoon: where got! come i show u.

Hello mr Siva! 

THE Mentor

fellow competitors from Monash (they look like giants right?)

Eileen from Singapore =D
shes YOUNG right? and she's a director..

conclude?? u want to know the results..
we didnt win 1st place, but we have 2nd place, which is also the LAST PLACE.. cause theres only 2 teams.
cause.... aihz, i dunno la. its because we are not prepared and we have insufficient time. *mengeling at the m*

btw, on sunday which is yesterday, Ms Shah accompanied us!!!!~ she's sooooo kind!!!~ like her! MS! MS! MS!

what is the outcome?
1st. 3 of us got RM1000 = RM300x3 +RM100 for lecturers
2nd. A certificate
3rd. experience (should put this in also la i think)



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