i am so buzy!

FINALLLY!!!!!~ my EXAMS are over!
so happy!~

tomorrow going to be a super buzy day for me.
didnt even get to GO HOME already!!~

8.30 a.m leaving house to Mid Valley and then..
attending the Technopreneurship competition briefing
after 2.30 head over to 1Utama for Wang Lee Hom meet and watch cinema together
after that, rushing to Kuala Lumpur for dad's organisation thingy dinner..

yes! i am soo buzy!!!!!!~

then i am going to have a 1 week holiday.. but it will be like NO HOLIDAY!

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday i am going to give tuition for my students.
Saturday i am going to KIM HYUNG JOON's fanmeeting

and on Monday i am planning to go DO MY HAIR!
any suggestion where???

after the week is done. i only left sunday for myself and... in between all the chaos...
on the 30th, my MUM is leaving for China.. T.T

this is how lifeless now.. filled with activities!


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