hahaha i am going crazy

i decided to BUY the KIM HYUNGJOON fanmeeting ticket already.
screw the 1 month of salary of mine!!~
HYUNGJOON is more important? *hahaha, no la, i can slowly earn back with tying the perut of mine.

anyway, hows everything peeps??

my finals is ending... NEXT WEEK????..
have 3 replacement class for a students. cause it clashes with my finals timetable. T.T
anyway, i had good time earning bucks!!~

hows my finals????? i dunno yet.

but short semester is coming. and i know i will pass out. cause i am gonna deal with Mr Quah alone.. *oh, maybe with Colbie*

i watching Shining Inheritance right now. and Seung Gi! *oppa! saranghanda!*

and this is DNA..
dun care! they look like girl or not (well, they seriously look like girls!) (i like pretty *young* *achem* boys) LOL


going to watch Sorcerer Apprentice with my sister later.. i was hoping to watch Com- something, but its 18.. so she cant enter *yet*

which is better? i want to watch AIR BENDER ALSO wo!! how? how??


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