when semester goes by, another comes

if you know, i didnt update alot.
was immersed in Uni stuff. forgive me.
trust me! SERIOUSLY!!~ T.T

Business RESEARCH Method is a KILLER subject! T.T nearly made me cry my arse off!
then i have Entrepreneurship, which 1 subject that i enjoyed the most, at the same time SUFFERED almost similar damage with Business Research Method. please agree with me, T.T

One to One Marketing is as normal and hard at the same time. * i have a love hate relationship with that subject*
then, Business Information System, where i have a tutor that is stricter than the Lecturer *whats going on!!!*
LAST BUT NOT LEAST, i have Introduction to Management Organisation Theory?? LOL something... too long cant remember (MOT!).. lecturer is garang? super duper accent!

after tuesday, my presentations are over. classes are ending next week.
which means.. i have finals already.. MAY SEM flew away JUST LIKE THAT!

time is going too fast. its already nearly August! SHIT!

short semester is starting soon. 2nd year sem 4.. *WAHLAO!* give me some supplement for my beauty sleep.. i am sleeping late and waking up early already.

Short Sem.. 3 hours lecture and 3 hours tutorial.


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