well since i think most of you didnt get much picture from my blog right?
hehehe, thats cause actually i already post in at my obsessions blog
but i decide to share this here today. *cause i am currently sick of doing data analysis now.*

here's on my dad's birthday on 19th June (last month!)
i was lucky enough to met up with the awesom-est people on earth!~ MY KISS ME!!~

the crowd at KLCC Convention Centre

this was the 1st time i met Baki and Mike of 8TvNiteLive.
there would be a couple more met ups with them.. hehehe!~

 they are MC-ing!~

the almost my K-pop friend already! met her since SS501 fansigning. =3 FARAH!~

 the front backdrop of the show.

 the crowd of LUCKY girls with U-Kiss! T.T lucky them

 this was right before the fansigning. and got ALL OF THEIR ATTENTION
i am fairly happy this part, cause i got CLOSE UP pictures. =D 
kibum my love... SO CUTE!~

 see!! he and ELI is soo good looking and cool and manly.
ELI is super hot!
Kibum is super cute (good looking?!)


please do not bash me!
cause i rejected him and goes to Kibum during fansigning, when he passed me his album.
i literally said, sorry! *points at kibum direction* and said, you're my No.2!
*and that nearly made the girls behind me SMACK me with their UTTERLY HIGH HEELS!*

okay, enough of UKiss... 
after a week of break? NO! i went to BEAST! cause me and sister won tickets from 8TvNiteLive *see, wat i meant?*

BEAST Showcase 26th June 2010
since me and sis got a total of 7 tickets. we didnt want to waste it.
so.. gave 3 to eunice and friends (jiyen and caiyi)
and 1 to my cousin (huixin) and 1 to tk.

i would have to say, the crowd was so teruk that they made 36 people fainted and almost half not able to enter and held the concert 2 hours late.

 the banner of the day =D

 the backdrop before the show starts

 the people in front of me.. *i am short!*
*literally, i wasnt able to stand on the floor when i was being pushed into the hall.*
*yes, i was being carried away by a bunch of hungry sheep or hyena or something*

 after 6 to 7 songs they sang, heres the album signing event start. AND another round of being carried away by hyena and bulls.
i was literally saying this all the time, "please dont push me, i am being squashed"
then it became more and more violent when i was nearing the entrance, " i started shouting, DONT PUSH ME! I AM SHORT and I CANT BREATH! I CANT TOUCH THE FLOOR!"
then, 1 of the security guard heard me and said this, " OII! dont push! she's short and she's not touching the floor!"
*okay, not very nice, but at least people start paying more attention to me and guards let me in first before the rest, and told me, "are you okay?"

 theres the bunch that managed to enter! hehehe we are happy people by the end of the day
sorry eunice, we didnt know they signed the malaysia version album. if i've known i would have told u
anyway, if u buy the album. i will get 1 free ticket also wat. LOL 
*whatever, we had a BLAST that day!* end story! =D
*lets go for more when we have free tickets k?*

after they signed my album and sister's.
all of us went upstairs and started shouting their names because we wanted to get a close up picture. 
and see? spot who waved??????? wakakakakaka
all of them looked at our area. cause SISTER was shouting very loudly.. and since theres 6 of us
effect were MULTIPLIED by 6..
SBU-ers and Ex-SBU-ers are really proud of themselves.
we have good cheering skills!~ and shouting too.

this is the amazing signed album of mine!

the month went by.... after 1 weekend of normal routine..
then sister this time WON another grand prize to attend the VERY EXPENSIVE Brian Joo's showcase.
seriously! its very expensive, their VVIP is RM600+ and VIP cost around RM200++

and we got it FREE!!~

Brian Joo's Showcase 10th July 2010
This showcase although expensive, but this is more worth place to go.
cause, we literally paid RM0 but we have the privilage of the RM600++
thanks to 8TvNiteLive again!!!~
see the encounter?? from Ukiss to BEAST to Brian Joo..

 the tickets to our VIP RockZone.
see the W sign? means WINNER!

 me and sister waiting inside the air conditioned place before it starts.
you should be able to see people outside waiting.. SUPER HOT DAY.

 when we entered...it was DARK! super dark!
that day was a blast. didnt capture any showcase moments cause.. it was DARK and actually i have videos only.

and then we got the privilage to move upstairs with VVIP's to enjoy a special picture moment with Brian!
while we were waiting for him to get prepared..
took picture with Mike =D
he's SUPER TALL! i was not exactly bending. he's bending almost 90 degrees already. T.T

 the whole 8TvNiteLive crew *almost* left the girl in white-shirt, that girl recognises my sister! LOL
we were with Jules and Mike.. Baki was busy MC-ing... then Moe wasnt there.

 Brian is finally OUT!!!~ near right? I TOUCHED HIM!

this picture was by *tvNiteLive* so we didnt look at the camera cause its not the official 1.
the official 1, i havent get yet. its at my sister's laptop (previously dad's company's?) LOL

 the winners of *tvNiteLive*

 the organiser doorgifts- Rhythmland

 inside there's these! for everyone

 the front and back of the tickets.

 the POSTER!!~ everyone have.. but.....

 NOT EVEYONE HAVE SIGNED POSTER! only the winners got it! =D

 poster is not the only 1, ALBUMS as well!!!!!!~

see the album? COOL RIGHT???

well i wanted to say i love *tvnitelive* but i also love liquer!

NO MORE already.. waiting for someone to come.
trying to get MTV World Stage. but its superbly hard!!!~
who got connections???? can i have 2 tickets?


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