shut up world i need some time alone. car wash self is KING!

should i be honest?
i am seriously crapping.
i am suddenly zonning out.
i dunno why
i need strawberry
and charmaine is leaving me tomorrow
i am sad.
and i think i am stressed out
i am.
i think so.
but i didnt felt it
until hen i think i have to much to do
and start putting it down and chucking it aside.
besides that, little obstacles annoys me
i used to deal with problems
but now i try to avoid it.
i used to be a good problem solver
but now i think i suck at it
i used to think that i can come out with good stuff in a jiffy
but now i need preparation that takes up my friggin time
i used to like my computer, but now i think it sucks
i used to think that my stuff are enough
but i think its not now.

i think i've changed.
shit! i hate it.
and damn i hate the fact that work loads are getting on my nerves.

nothing to say about the normal stuff

i think its a sign of stress and oppression
i need semester break.. seriously!

I NEED BREAK!!!! i think i am stressed out. and its bad for me...
my emotions are being projected through my behaviour and i am not realising it.
i dont feel the stress but i felt the changes.
do i need to visit the psychiatrist or psychologist?
am i becoming crazy?

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