Red Dell and 4mbps arrived!~

my laptop is here!!~
what shall i name her..
yup its a her, cause its red in colour.

owh owh owh, i know...blossom!!!~
*neeeh, the 1 in puwerpuff girls ar... blossom ar!!~*

*thinks again.. VERY TACKY LA that name..*

*think sommore..

dunnola. for now its called DELL inspiron

anyway, my netbook is still not here yet. and why is that?? my dell reached already!~ damn streamyx is really slow!~

btw, i have my 4 mbps already. finally. *thanks to mr technician from TM. *after my constant calls and complains.*

i think my name should be under the blacklisted customers or can win award of COMPLAINING queen. LOL


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