my sucky good life

theres nothing much.
my day was like normal... going university, coming back, teaching tuition, onlining, updating.. NOT TO MENTION ASSIGNMENTS!

well, please bear with me when i mention assignments too many times. its because... haihz... i have too much to do and too little time!~
imagine!! i have a business plan to finish.. a new marketing plan to make and implement, a research questionnaires and my lecturer thinks we are soo free to gave us another useless assignment. and another individual assignment that testing our ability to use Microsoft Access. SHEESH!!~

okay.. done with that microsoft access's and that MOT useless assignment is still pending.. was going through my business plan.. wasnt all too good. need to change.. and............... ONE2ONE.. havent touch yet!

i am going to burst!!!!!~

my blood is whooshing like crazy in my body. hormones became imbalance already! wakakakaka


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