my 20th Birthday!~

okay! so yesterday was my birthday, mei soon's birthday, khairi's birthday and my piano teacher's birthday.
yes, i spend my birthday with so many people i know ALL TOGETHER. lol hahahahaha

nothing special came up until i received a call from Wailing to actually ask me to go downstairs and opens the door for her. hmm..

that SINCERE girl came to my house around 8.45 HAVEN even dress up nicely and PASS ME MY BIRTHDAY present. OMG girl!!!~ that gave me a scare!!~

love the present... THANKS CHAN WEIJIA and CHAN WAILING (yes, both of them are the CHAN's)

and did i mention they bought the present infront of my when we are shopping in Pavillion together? OMG! serious shit!

its my birthday cake now! and look at what my sister wrote... TO MORE 10-ish.. LOL
actually suppose to be NO MORE 10-ish.. LOL
but both brings almost the same meaning though.

this was the 2nd round of food.. we had our dinner fairly early cause of WORLD CUP!!
Korea vs Greece, 
Nigeria Vs Argentina and
England Vs USA

owh the real dinner was at Damansara Utama, and we had Nasi Lemak.. nice! =3

and this was satay! *fat la!*

so i am fairly happy yesterday hahahaha..

KOREA 2-0 with Greece
Argentina 1-0 with Nigeria 
England 1-1 with USA


Anonymous said…
等很久了 謝謝你的用心........................................

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