frustration and annoyance that bugs me to death!

i dunno whether is the heat or the stuff that i have on my desk to do list is piling up that is making me so restless or agitated.
i know i'm not suppose to have that type of feeling now considering i have assignments to rush and deadlines to catch and dealing with mid terms. but truthfully this is getting into me already.

1st i cant stand the fact that there's not enough space for myself.
*i dunno how to explain this, but i seriously hope that i get some fresh air for myself*

now i sound like some old lady wanting to get away from some working society and go for a LONE trip overseas.

things related to me now initially was joyful became frustration and burdensome.
i am getting all worked out because of the tiniest things. and i dont know how to solve this.

i tried cheering up myself by playing the piano, watching anime,drama, updating my favourite obsession blog, buying things i wanted.. but its never enough..i am having this greed for things symptoms... and yes, saving money is another factor. i need to make about 10K during my uni days so that, when i'm out from uni.. i can get enough for investment..

problems are getting to me. and i'm not even 20 yet. gawd! people should not remind me that i'm turning 20 soon.. *real soon* *starts panicking*

yes, i guess it does really matures you when u reach 20 huh,
although people's attitude changes even more drastic.. i cant even imagine if 20 is the maturity age, what is 21.. i might become an old lady's mentality by then....

i serious in need of human!!! *ICE CREAM!!!!!!! come to me!! i need you!!! * chocolate doesnt help anymore!!!!!!!!~


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