the busy schedule for Wonderfuljoo.. June is HECTIC!

i believe u realised the lack of post here right?
well i am totally hooked.
K-Pop is soo near to me now that i can forever touch it! wakakakakakak

1st, take a journey with U-kiss members.. and rejected the all so cute Kevin for Kibum and got lightning strucked by Eli.. so now.. yeah! Kibum and Eli it is.. 3rd.. awesomely its SooHyun! Kevin..... dun worry, you are still ADORABLY MINE!

2nd, MidTerms.. almost killed my hands.. writing is a factor.. open exam.. is scary.. yes! scary! anyway, ITS OVER FINALLY!!~

3rd.. WON approximately 9 tickets to BEAST! (YES its 9!!!) who want?? i still have extra.. LOL

4th.. Assignments again.. thanks andrea.. will get it tomorrow k? call u before i getting it! dun worry!

anyway, here's the stuff i've gotten from the ridiculous video we made..


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