uni starts tomorrow. something to look forward to?

university starts tomorrow.
*ps: my fingers are aching from all the plucking on guitar strings for taylor swift's you belong with me song. bloddy fool. why la, its so hard! i think i'm getting blisters.
and people! i need a capo. buy me 1? LOL.

decided to only take 5 subjects with 2 days of break. thursday and friday. cause.. well, i think 6subjects its going to kill me. although 1 doesnt have finals. but assignments are going to kill as well before midterm, which will kill my assignment marks as well. okay. paranoia la!

anyway, gonna take 3 subjects on short sem. then 2 subject i think i have to take alone already. considering my friend already took those this sem. ARGH! shit la, why la i come in sept. bloody fool. LOL.

went to Jusco yesterday. and everything was chaotic, i dunno why. its only a 15 to 20 percent discount and everyone is snatching already. LOL.


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