my HECTIC thursday!

One Better Day!!!~
despite i am having migraine cause i have classes from 9.30a.m till 8p.m. with only break 1.5 hours from 5p.m till 6.30pm to catch my lunch and dinner..

missed M! Countdown, but thank to YouTube and my sister for helping me Update my Obsession'sBlog. =3

MBLAQ Y and One Better Day is OUTTA as well!!~

then WonderGirls... and.. 4 Minute.

1 word, i would say. WOW!!!!~ =3

either way, i like the fact that my day is filled with activities, but i am not sure whether i can continue schedule like this any longer cause my head hurts soooo badly.
and, considering i have to travel up and down, my petrol is running out fast.

revenue man!!!!~ part time working and studying is hard. trust me. i know!
but what to do!! LIFE MUST GOOOOOO on..

1 thing that made my day more more and more good is.... SS501!!!~
hehehehe their jacket is OUTTA again!

LOVE the concept!

the next minute u will see me holding their album soon! HEHEHEHEHE


韋于倫成 said…
要保持更新呦,加油!!!期待你的新文章!!! .........................................

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