trust me,
because i used money like crazy this month,
that the money i had from working.. almost went to 0.

1st, signed up for streamyx uni pack cause it provides RM88 for 4Mbps!!!!!!!
2nd, procedure for streamyx unipack to to get a new phone like installed. gone my RM180++
3rd, cause i have to pay my agent 50% of my earning. gone RM336

see la, this already cost me RM416...
i am going from poverty to hardcore poverty

and now i need to purchase RM98 destination SS501 album!!!! cause its their last year in DSP which they might or not leave the company *sometimes is good to get signed to other company with not - so- money- sucking policy, like charging a MINI ALBUM RM 98???? too exp la!*

i am so hardcore poverty this month.
and i used some of the money to MAKAN in uni leh!!! and not to mention

i BOUGHT a BOOK ENTREPRENEURSHIP for RM103, cause my midterm is a OPEN BOOK!!!

argh!!! slap myself for not earning more money!!!!!~

i want SS501 DESTINATION!!!!!! *sad!!!*

well, destination, if i cant get you this month, u wait for me a few months k?? for me to collect all my money back and i will go purchase u!!!


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