came to school 8am in the morning for MIP. which overall contain only 11 people in the class.
saddening. and i am still wondering how am i going to survive for assignment.

anyway, changed BIS lecture to 9.30 cause that MIP tutorial tomorrow only have this solely sad soul attending. and i do not wish for a one to one with mr quah! HONEST!

anyway, wailing, we need to decide on our BIS groupmates. since we have different lectures. i think we need to compromise. do they have presentation? hope its during tutorial.

we'll settle that when the time comes.

anyway, i am utterly dead bored right now in library when i have nothing to do and my stomach is rumbling like some mad thing!!!!~ stupid!~ i am bored! help me.!~

i need to get my own laptop! asap! this is killing me. heavy shit! 2.2kg can die! I like something lighter and smaller???? HAHAHHA

other than that. i am dead hungry! but i dun have people to have lunch with me! *this is how sad i am!!!*


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