strawberry day!

finals in 3 days time.
well, i am bored and taking a break now. T.T moral is killing me slowly. suffer man!

well, to make things happier, my past week have been very productive?
i have nonstop of outings HAHAHHAHA

here's some.. uploading it here..
cause michelle say i didnt update. LOL

went over to 4 season/allseason for meeting up with michelle, kinlim, andrea, wenying.. and 3 of andrea's friend.. Bob, Mini and Smita( or is it Smitha??)


purpose of going:
2nd. meeting up with them.

yes, u saw it right, the main purpose is to get strawberry. MACAM DRUG i tell you!!!!~          

there's 8 of us, and 5 of us ordered strawberry =3
yes 5 strawberry. delicious!!!~
what can i say anymore?? nothing already la! after we finish strawberry. then we pay and chioz from there. LOL

did i mention that winter section is cold!!!~ all of them tak tahan and left the place and stand outside the sun. leaving me all alone in the room to pay for the food we eat. and they refuse to come inside the room again to pay me back. *jahat people*
ask me why i didnt have any of their pictures...

well, cause i put too much attention to strawberry and my food arrived like super early.


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