Fundamental of Marketing... i'm on a borderline

okay, ANDREA! i edited the credits already! HAHAHAHA
and and and, yes! i am scared of quick shutterbugs and stalkers and DSLR!
will get 1 soon for revenge purposes! LOL

anyway, tomorrow is Fundamental of Marketing's finals.
hope i studied well. (well, i dont know if i studied well or not, cause its like i know and don't know at the same time) these 2 are basically being seperated with a piece of paper. argh! frustrating!

well, i managed to digest the subjective parts (which i hope i remembers by tomorrow)
and as for objectives. PLEASE LA come out something easy. not the say practical or theory, but something that makes sense k??? can use logical thinking punya would be best! HAHAHA

anyway, Andrea passed me curry puff today.
will microwave it 2mrw for breakfast!

ps: Andrea, i will give u feedback after i makan k?


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