THE CLASHES of crazy people in PAVILION

if you realised, i posted like crazy today.
cause??? i finished my MPW subjects aka LAN's Subject! FINALS! hehehehehe
BLASTING like crazy already

anyway, did you see this?
it was on FB.. lol
oh well
went to pavilion with andrea, sharon and a bunch of crazy people from her church/camp. =3
should ask andrea to elaborate more on this, when u see her la k?
i am going to post pictures
and.. ps: I AM SCARED OF PEOPLE with DSLR their shutterbug are extremely FAST!
its so fast that i cant avoid it!

OWH, i watched CLASHES of the Titans!
credits to JCB aka Crazy People No.1 (andrea, see!!! i changed HAHAHAHAHA)

trust me, this is the only decent picture i have. T.T

this picture look like its for some front page of an education booklet dont u think?



文行文行 said…
^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!........................................

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