After finals and parent's vacation

yes i am happy.

every since 1st April, been drowning myself with lots of papers and books! T.T stupid exam that ends in 3 weeks.

and while i was suffering. mum and dad likes to break it to me that they are enjoying holiday?? 
well, i have finals. and they have to be so coincidentally going/leaving home for some fun on my exam day!~

when i was about to have Organisational Behaviour, mum and dad left for Kedah and Langkawi
basically for a dinner that dad's suppose to attend, but they still took the chance to ferry to Langkawi.
*hehehe, i got chocolates, so no complains though*

there was a story that mum told me, when she shoved me this picture.

Mum: eheh, take picture la! use the camera! 
Dad: okay, bring the camera, i take..
Mum: i take 1st, later u ambil.
mum takes the camera and took the picture below. (PAUSE, scroll down to read more)

Dad: eh, u dunno how to take la! give me!
Mum: what? *gave the camera to dad*
Dad: take picture of fish must near near 1, can see the gills ma!
Mum: har?? what la! crazy! like that see what?
Dad ignores mum and took the picture below.
Mum later gave the response to dad
Mum: see la, take so near see what? corals ar?? LOL. cannot see anything.
Dad: the fish swim too fast. go away already.

*ps: this is why i say i need a DSLR and u guys refuse to let me get it!*


then, after their trip to Langkawi, and rested for 1 day.
Mum depart to Singapore. for more fun and leaving me here in KL having my last paper.
Business Economics la!!!~

for a moment there, i coudnt find her in the picture.
i nearly asked, where is she. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA 

so basically, i was having exam while my parents went for a short break, holiday.
then now i am HAVING HOLIDAYS!
so people! come la, ajak me out!!~ well not Saturday k? i got tuition!


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