when i explode with civilisation blocking.. T.T

exploded today
and after i exploded i realised that its a senpai.. OMG.

okay, i next time need to calm down.
my need to handle my anger management man!
its blocking my civilisation! argh!

anyway, i think those having group assignment of teamwork stuff to do,
please at least understand about the work done and not relying on other people.

1st it would make 1 particular people having tough time
2nd, i think the person in concern would at least have a sense of GUILT for not doing anything for the assignment.

well, i am a kind person. i mostly think positively.
but to an extend that sometimes people that are bastards and annoyance. would step on good people like us.

so dun get tricked my friends.

AandD, i get it why u wanna appear offline sometimes on msn. together with MICHandL. HAHAHAHA


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