the utmost wonderful earth hour! 2010

well, it might be a little late to post something like this already! HAHAHAHA blame GOD OF STUDY! lol.
okay! here goes!

UCSI University, launched Earth Hour and it was great and a success?? HAHAHA *got me, sure jadi wan*
went there, for the sake of sightseeing for the article that we are about to cover in Hailer next month.
There was 3 performance going on, 3 different bands. NAMES! hahaha, i forgotten but there were quite a number of people that attended. cause, HOT AIR BALLOON!

the uni, rented the HOT AIR BALLOON from PutraJaya for us! =3
other than that, we had charity, where the white balloons that u are about to see are RM1 for charity purpose, we wrote out pledges regarding HOW to SAVE the EARTH, and EARTH HOUR related

this is what i wrote

" To: EARTH,

please do not die on the year 2012, i still want to find jobs and experience it in year 2013"

cheecky enough? well, nothing. i was just being creative? hahahaaha

Wailing, Weijia and MunYee had fun with me! mostly being dragged by me to every places i want to go..
ate bak kut teh, which was not very very delicious *okay la*, and had McD after the event! chatted till 11p.m.
well, i would say, its the least amount of words we talked for everytime we goes out?
hahahahahah!~ you be the judge guys!
since i have friends that can talk nonstop for approx 8 hours. and only takes a break when we are in the movies of drinking. LOL.

okay, enough, heres the pictures.
MIND my plastered face, it was hot, and i was sweating and my camera refuses to function at its best performance. LOL


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