overall chinese new year wrap up!

okay, chinese new year is finally over. the 15 days aka 1/2 a month of chinese new year this year is MOST fulfilling for me. ITS even busier than my normal days.

from day 1 till day 15, trust me, there aint a day where i can sleep at home with peace. is either we go to someone else's house or someone come to our house.

not forgetting i have assignment due dates to chase that time. and my members were enjoying their chinese new year holiday as well. oh well!

i managed to witness like 3 times of fireworks before my eyes.. well, near my house once, at my kampung once, and some event in ampang once.. ALL dekat dekat and bleh dengar the *Phouk* sound! HAHAHAHA

here's 1 of it i managed to capture! *well, my sis actually*

then, yesterday, something came by my house.. its a ...
citylink.. hm what package is this? i dun remember ordering anything online.. and its HUGE!

after i touched the package, i knew what was it already.
and its something that will make my sister fly of to MOON hehehe!

yes, its the LIMITED EDITION recollection, that we managed to get for free, because mum bought a new home theater! =3
but thats not the only point..

chinese new year angpao's IS the MAIN POINT!
dun need to rob me, i masuk my money into the bank already! HAHAHAHA
these are empty angpao's!

cousin then came, and later at night we went for walk in pavilion, well
to be honest, this was taken before chinese new year.. i didnt manage to take picture that time, and i havent posted this yet. so here is it!
the awesomeness! LOOKIT so nice right?

and it changes colour!!! =3
and the weather is SOOOOOO hot!! my room in the night is this temperature!

other than that, 24th was my husband's birthday!
and, i posted a post specially for him.
oh well, he's such a adorable boy!
credits as tagged

people must be wondering why am i soooo free right? to blog.
cause i left only 1 assignment! and 4 is done!
i am a happy girl
minus the fact that i screwed my moral studies mid term.

and.. my sister's SPM results is coming out on 11th March!
and she'll be back from NS the day before which is 10th March.


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