i'm random and unexpected

did you guys miss me? hahahaha well! i was quite busy.
my schedule havent stop every since i started uni.. well the 2nd sem of year 1.
and, its going to end soon, as my finals are drawing near! T.T

anyway, had satisfying marks (not very high though) but still, satisfied, after i thought i screwed up my OB mid term.

anyway..i am currently having some on off mode, cause, i cant get the RM138 tickets for super junior. which is this saturday night. (maybe i should consider standing outside that concert area and listen to the echos. HAHAHAHAHA) *farah, i am sad now* save me from misery*

owh, did i mention that  jungmin's birthday is coming? well, okay, he's birthday is coming.

and i feel like i wanna go on those hitz.fm cruiser la. those that distribute prices to people wan ar..
wanna learn some marketing skills. well at the sametime i wanna know whether is it eligible for my coop. cause, dont u think it would be fun>>????? rather than staying in the office and face papers


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