bad luck cupid stikes jooying the 2nd time

gotten like 2.5 marks for my bloody individual assignment for business economics. and how unfortunate that i am 1 of the 80 percent of studets in class that got hit by that tremendous tsunami of lecturer having some headwind. please use direct translation for that.

classes finished at 11am today and wanted to check for my timetable in block a. but i thought bro is coming to fetch me from uni

owh did i mention that bad luck cupid striked me again?/ my car broke down on the way to uni today. resulting in ME not having a car for at least 2 days! T.T i am tremendously sad already.

and no car for me equals die cause i have to travel to tuition centre!!~ argh! i hate it!
i might not have my car on monday as well. i am tremendously sad! sad! sad!
theres something wrong with the gear box. and i have a feeling that sooner or later there would have a problem of engine. cause i stepped on the minyak like no one's business that time.

anyway, to add on to the badluck cupid striked. i would have to resummit my individual assignment. cause its oni 2.5 out of 10 which i am tremendously am questioning what i did wrongly. cause we (me and friend) did almost the similar points and she amazingly have 5 out of 10.
and, believe me, 80% of the students got either 1 or 0... i think its the lecturer that have a problem now.

blah, what to do? life must still go on.

sister cried like mad today in the car. cause she got stiked by badluck cupid as well.
SPM results lo!

blah, i hope the guardian angel can comeback to me asap!!!! i am missing her alredy!


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