Alice in Wonderland and LeisureMall Outing

well, after class was 11a.m.
went home and left home with sis around 1.45p.m. then reached UCSI to get weijia, wailing and munyee! YES!
the 4 of US and my sister.. trust me, enough CHAOS already! hahaha

anyway, we watched Alice in Wonderland, then met with various people in the cinema! serious!
the show is nice, but i think it would be nicer if is in 3D with all the graphics! =3
owh, i like Johnny Depp! and i kinda dun really like Anne Hathaway there, cause of her makeup's why is the white queen have BLACK Lipstick and nail polish?? hmm. and her actions are a little bit annoying. owh, i did i mention i think the Cheshire cat is cute? and that HAT =3

i would advice those who havent watch to watch it in 3D =3 and ASELUM! (is it?)

well, thats not the main point. went out with MunYee and Wailing.. INCLUDE WeiJia results in 3.5 hours of talking non stop! =3

trust me, we DIDNT STOP! omg, continuous talk! havoc should be an underestimated word to explain the noise we made in the Boston Cafe in LeiSureMall..

owh, well, its nice! i wouldnt say i hate going out with them. cause i enjoyed every moment.
and now i am too tired to speak!
i am typing only.
my jaw ache
and my BUTT ache as well, (dunno what reason)
and, i bet wailing and munyee are farting?? (eh, u guys stomach got air ar??? )

okay, and weijia! noisy la u! and munyee, and wailing are talking about u in the car as well! regarding toilet and tissue papers! hahahahahahahhahaa


Anonymous said…
脾氣與嘴巴不好,就算心地再好,也不算好人~~~ ....................................................

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