when the weather is as hot as an oven

just came home from uni! trust me, the weather is KILLER!

i told u, when CNY is coming, the weather always change from RAINY or WINDY to HOT HOT HOT x3!!!!~

its so hot even the freezing uni library is no longer need sweater. Usually when i enter the uni library, i will have to korek my sweater out and wear it like i'm in antartica or something, but now. i can just enter the library with short sleeves and shorts. trust me. even the library is getting warmer.. HAHAHAHA, super CNY feel already.

and. to top things up. i am so lazy now,i dont even feel like working or making progress on my assignments.
well, most of my assignments are.. checking my group member's content, improvise, referencing, cover, table of content, flow of content and etc. AIHZ. jooying is very lazy!~ lazy!~

and, 2mrw i have an interview with editor and sub editor for HAILER aka UCSI monthly magazine.

*prays* they dun ask questions like, why you want to join Hailer.. cause i will answer this, because i think i am capable......................okay... i am stuck. i cant write it out. cause if the soon-to-be-my- editor is online, or my blog reader. ahahahha, i die la! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA


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