crazy fella is sick~

i tell you i have so many things to do at once, that i am getting sick (again)  T.T

1st i have house cleaning to do. (due to renovation. it is worst than ever)
2nd, i have mid term to handle. (yes, the mid term is next week and i havent touch anything yet)
3rd, i have assignment due dates to chase. (i have practically 3 assignment to be handed in 1 week after cny holiday (which is 2 days to be exact) and we decided to finish it before cny arrives.

4th, i have bugger money to earn. so i can spend all i want.
5th, i am now sick. T.T

my nose kept running none stop and my sore throat is back.
and when my sore throat is back. the close friend named fever is going to attack me soon

i cant get sick!! not this time! i have lots to do! HELP!~


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