i know everyone is going to be very very happy tomorrow! =)
SO AM I!!!~ i am all excited!~

today family did our last spring cleaning.. *its like our family tradition, to clean up on the cny eve afternoon*

gotten my 1st angpao yesterday, and today is my 2nd angpao from cousin =D i am a happy girl! this year, i will receive 2 more angpao's.. 2 of my cousins got married.! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!~

a sneak peak of me now? LOL..
NO LA, just to show off my angpao!~ 

i bet i will have a wonderful new year this year.. what about you???

i have SS501 to teman me.. not exactly, they are now in Thailand, but i got lots of pictures. and its about to START! the concert. i cant watch!~ cause i'm going out later....and...

they are all looking STUNNING!~

credits as tagged.

and, im going to paint my nails. later.. at night!~ =)
sleep early tonight. and have a good looking eyes 2mrw. *my eye bags are very very obvious.


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