worst day did not end yesterday.

just when i think my day yesterday was worst. HOW UNFORTUNATE.
i think there's a devil with me, i dunno why, MALANG things kept happening to me.

today, when i want to leave the Uni, there's 3 CARS double park around me. Left Right and INFRONT, so i tried my very best to COME OUT FROM THERE..

and, just when i think i have 'good' Driving skills, i came home and found a HUGE white scratch on my right side of the car.. T.T means, i ter-scratch the car on my right. (WHO DOUBLE PARKED me)

and, so happen that time, there's so many people around there. I am afraid now, that the fella is going to SUE ME for that. OMG.

i told my parents, and THEY DIDNT respond to me, other than saying..

parents: why u never hon those people that double park. if you think yo are incapable to come out HON them..

T.T mind you, people who likes to double park in the connaught area near secret recipe, PLEASE do NOT double PARK or TRIPLE park there. it cause traffic and make people "NOOB" like me to suffer from, being afraid that i get sued.. when i want to pay my road tax!!!

how now?????????? T.T my starting year of 2010 is a disaster. T.T


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