Why I Like It Longer

It was indeed again with the long and winded explaination regarding how people want that LG Chocolate. No doubt, its going to be a HIT in the society in the future, or maybe even now. Since people are getting more and more into KOREA wave, as it to be known as Hallyu Wave. Everything regarding Korea is getting large in Malaysia, for example, the arrival of Super Junior concert to Malaysia, have already cause me to have a traffic in my facebook account regarding ticketing and their excitement.

What can I say more about LG chocolate? Its a Korea product, and some of their merchandise was endorsed by Rain Jung Ji Hoon.

Looking from here, i can bet you think I am a Korea freak and, no doubt, I'm like a huge fan of Rain. Well, I'm sorry to say this, i'm a Korea freak, but its my SISTER who is the Rain huge fan. She basically have every single newspaper cut out of Rain, and she still have the Rain's Concert World Tour Ticket and the merchandise that was sponsored by.. LG Mobile. Talk about coincidence? No?

okay, enough talk. This new and latest series of LG Chocolate is endorsed by no other than SNSD aka Girls Generation.
credits to http://www.cyon.co.kr/event/newchocolate/main.jsp

and, they even have a song if i'm not mistaken. Here is it! SNSD Chocolate Love Music Video
credits to sment 

this bunch of HOT girls is totally pulling all the guy fans they can to promote this LG, trust me, Girls Generation's guy fans are HUGE!!~

okay, enough of the long talk about Hallyu Stars/ Idols. (i get carried away). From the pictures that i showed you above, don't you think this LG phone is totally stylish? especially for girls. SNSD pulled out the theme.. SUPERMODELS.With all well equipped functions, its sleek, stylish, glossy and what else can i say? HOT!
In addition, the LG Chocolate BL40 comes with the Twenty8Twelve’s limited-edition designer case designed by the fashionista and actress Sienna Miller and her designer sister Savanna. (I want!!!~)

So who doesn't want this amazing, HOT, wonderful, powerful, and spicy phone?
so what do you think about it? i am a total KOREA product freak!
i can live with NONGSHIM everyday and, i enjoys kimchi! =)
and Lifes always good with LG!~ =)


Hazwan Hakim said…
very long entry...nice post...

I hope u win!


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