what???? OMG!

if you guys want to know how was my day in UNI. well,

i had the PTPTN briefing.. DONE!
all i need now is for the Pesuruhjaya Sumpah to sign! =) *happie*

then, i made my course selection add/drop.

then, i'm to find out my Business Communication marks! (Soon, i am browsing now.. damnnit)
(okay, i just found out my results.. well, i expected it.. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why and how come! you left me with 2 MARKS for a DDDDDDDDDDDDD *andrea* and now i have MMMMMM instead of D! why? T.T)

then...... i camwhored although i'm not free today, after i reached home from UNI!


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