random when she's Hyped about Korean and Japanese Stuff

okay, enough. now i have a friend with KOREA hype as me. other than me sister (which is my senior)

dun worry, when TK enters my car. it will be a SS501 car. HAHAHAHAHA!~

anyway, did anyone watch You're Beautiful? because i want to watch! i Missed it!!!!! it was on KBS i think. T.T and i want KBS2 to be in the list in Astro! HELLO! there's INKIGAYO!, Music Core every week! and i want to watch it OKAY! bugger!

okay, i'm done. did i mention i changed my phone number?? check out my tag board. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM MY NUMBER. will slap you. (grr...)

and TK! if u going bangkok! BRING ME! i dun mind seeing SNSD, if its on FEBRUARY 13!!! T.T cny. bugger! SS501 having their concert in Bangkok during the CNY eve. talk about good timing. and.. to make the thing worst. its their LAST STOP! i really want to slap them!


SS501: we will come to Malaysia.
HyungJoon: i am anticipating Singapore
HyunJoong: Im coming..


DSP shit!

okay, enough. now, they are on holiday i guess. other than Music High by HyungJoon, everything is not there. well, maybe except HyunJoong's CF spazz are not over. HAHAHAHAA

2PM is ending their promotion as well. T.T gonna miss taecyeon and WOOYOUNG! (he's mine!)

owh! did i mention, there's new season for anime already?
people check it out!!!
i watch anime like crazy nowadays, cause i finished the Cinderella Man that TK sent to me... T.T
and i still watching it now. loading like mad. and BLEACH filler is going to end. FINALLY!


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