new year resolution! =) 2010!

have you guys made your new year resolution??
well, i've made mine!

couldnt exactly remember my last year's new year resolution. but i bet there are going to be some HUGE changes in it!. okay, i checked back..... i made 1 resolution.. i hope god brings me 100% goodluck..

welll well well,, what can i say??? nothing much.. lol.

this year,

Jooying's striking... for an at least 3.5 and above CGPA  (stupid B.Law, i'm slapping you! REMEMBER!!!)
Constant piano.. (i hope, everyday..)
Earning about RM 100 from nuffnang in approx 3 months. (prays hard) *WHAT THE HECK!!*
Making some major changes in the hair section.
Earn enough money to put on braces. ( prays!!)
reduce weight to around 43 to 45kg. (you dont need to know)
get a good company in any Internship! (this year end.. T.T)
STAY ULTIMATELY HEALTHY!!!! (i dun want to fall sick again)
and.. last but not least.

100% goodluck from the almighty above! =)

i've made mine, have you?

have a wonderful new year ahead!


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