did you know that the post before was my 888th post? hehehe!~ =)

its late, and i know i'm suppose to sleep. cause i'm having a 8am lecture tomorrow, and i know i'll probably be very tired 2mrw. LCK OFLSEEP (see i cant even spell it right)

anyway, stumbled more at fb these days. browsing and being a 'pat poh' getting to know and wish to catch up with friends soon. CNY coming! =)

found something quite unpleasant. (aihz, why la, always unpleasant things i would feel like blogging about it ar?? NOT BAD ALSO TAK BLOG) *i mmg jahat*

sometimes things happens. although i know, but i think i'm going to act as if i dont know when i meet them. cause i probably dun want to hurt them, especially during cny. (boy! you have my back!)

i don't know why something like that happens. mayb a change of heart, mayb the environmental changed, but i hope you can move on la!~ dun get stuck there!

*a friend of mine, seemed like kena dump already. i also dunno why and how come, cause the last time i met them, they were all lovey dovey. aihz.*

ps: thinking of changing my blog's layout. =)


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