Bleach episode 253

did you watch BLEACH episode 253 yet? if you havent, here's the link to where i watch it.
this is not subbed by DT (dattebayo), i didnt know how come this team would suddenly appear out of no where and start subbing, but its early and fast. so. who cares! =)

PS: however, i cant guarantee the preciseness of their sub. cause i trust dattebayo since they subbed quite a number of episodes of bleach. and i presume they have professional subbers.

heres the link! =) BLEACH EPISODE 253
please note that this website might be a little slow when your connections are bad. =D

After i watched Bleach episode 253..

this is my only reaction.....WTHECK!! OMG OMG OMG, they left such a HUGE suspense!!!!!

done! =) hehehe, enjoy!

ps2: there's going to be another big huge surprise, although they havent or (didnt) explain how come its like that...


Unlucky13 said…
I think dattebayo start with their trick bcz i download bleach 253 entitled "DB_bleach253" but does not have sub in it. WTF!?

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