bleach chapter 390


did you guys read bleach episode 390? if you did, please slap CAPTAIN AIZEN QUICK! i felt like killing him myself.

and. i've got to be honest here, whats his power in the 1st place, and why no one can beat him except Kurosaki that havent seen his shikai yet? (i'm super curious now)

to topped things up! HOW can all the captain classes lose to him so easily, and the VIZARDS as well! its too funny and don't make any sense at all.

ICHIMARU as well. why the heck is he standing there watching the damn captains and vizards getting killed. and still be able to smile. I AM SERIOUSLY HATING AIZEN.

i hope,in the end, it would the most annoying ORIHIME that killed him. *trust me, annoying people can kill*

**** okay, i am beyond pissed with aizen, and i posted something out of spontaneous hate of me towards aizen, nothing i've mention can be taken seriously by manga readers.****

please continue to stay tuned to BLEACH!~


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