birthday MICHELLE and my days..

FIRST OF!~ *must do this 1st* later i forgotten. LOL.

AND, its a HUGE 20th BIRHTDAY (BIRTHDAY) for you!~!

have a good and 'matured' birthday. HAHAHAHA, GROW UP MAN!


okay, just got back from uni, and 2mrw is the day where i know whether the ptptn fella approved my application and waiting for them to bank in the money to me. (YES! 2mrw is the day!)

other than that, my days have been okay.. other than all the assignment's, presentation, mid term THAT are ALL either 1 week before CNY or 1 week after CNY.

HELLO people! cannot let me have a GOOD YEAR is it? dahla, i already started it with many disaster. ex: car scratch, summon from parking on the yellow line, ptptn setem cacat fella, and etc. T.T

okay, i just realised, that we ARE suppose to CROSS it and NO, i dun need to go all the way to PGRM to let them verify. and IF I DIDNT went there, i wouldnt have kena the summon and the setem RM20 tat would mean POINTLESS from now on. T.T


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