went to jusco chaos and talks crap

if you guys stay in cheras, should know that there's Member Day in Jusco Maluri,
mum, sister and i went today.. around 7.40p.m.

wow!!! the crowd.. was like.. SEMUTS!~ trust me, its chaotic there. very very!~

well, nothing much after that, we shopped for present and dad's and grab a shirt and short pants for myself, we quickly end our day. and left that place. LOL.

now, there's been some brainstorm to do for forum and blogs.. i need to do some marketing and publicity method to increase viewers and participant.
PEOPLE, any ideas? the forum... aihz. its quiet.. T.T

owh, eunice's parents came home from Taiwan, and bought snacks.... well, according to aunty that the food in Taiwan was not nice.

she queued up for a LOOOOONNGG time, thinking its going to taste good punya mee.. after she bought it, they threw the mee away after 2 sips. (they went thinking, what kinda of mee taste this horrible and still have people lining up for it.) 

Well, it seems that Taiwan have nothing nice to eat, i wonder what did SS501 ate when they reached Taiwan????? hahahahahahahahha...

i'm all exhausted already. and tomorrow, will have to work again. waking up 7a.m

gonna sleep early. GOOD BYE!~ =)

ps: i bought present for brother, share money with sister. and... i hope he like it!
GUYS are hard to please, cause we dunno what to buy for guys! 

ps2: i think i'll have difficulties to find a present for my FUTURE bf, cause i dunno what to buy for guys. aihz. T^T


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