well, my sister is out... cause,
marks her ending of SPM.. and well, she's all hyped out and went out with her bunch of friends.

GUESS, she missed SS501 Star Golden Bell and Investigation Youth.
next week is a must watch for Investigation Youth. Shinee's Min Ho is going to be there!

okay, i dunno why my marks for Business Communication is not OUT yet!
OMG! i dun want to retake that paper man!!!!! what happen to my lecturer?? Ms NADINE? what u doing????

my camera is alive again, and its waiting for mummy to him up. in Fotokem Mid Valley.

okay, i'll go this saturday or sunday.. cant wait to see him again. my poor baby was all well for 2 months only and it caught the "camera H1N1" thank god its fine now. HAHAHAHHAHA

waiting for my camera to come back. and take pictures. i need new profile picture. sudah desperate! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA


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